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redsorrel sent: If you don't know about it yet; cgcookie is a great place for tutorials; their sub site, blender cookie focuses more on blender. I'm just now learning maya in college and I'm using most of what I learned from blender cookie to model. Another site is polycount. I need to join it myself but it seems like a great place to get critiques on your models among other things :D

Oooo thanks a bunch, I appreciate it!! Gonna post this in case anyone else needs suggestions for sites to learn 3D

redrawing photographs

more doodles

more doodles

sometimes you have a long term goal and it’ll take a very long time to accomplish. and thats kind of discouraging so maybe you dont even wanna try at all. but if you think about it, what if a year from now you’re thinking “if i started back then i’d be done by now”?

i guess i mean it’s better to power through and work hard on your goals no matter how intimidating it seems from far away! even if it takes years. cause when you’re done you’ll look back on all those hours and days of work you’ve put into achieving whatever that is, and instead you’ll say “it was tough but I did it anyway”

doodles w/ a brush pen!

my boyfriend and i share an intense fiery passion

for dogs

I’m getting emotional while drawing this help me

I’m getting emotional while drawing this help me

was listening to this song and drawing herthen i guess it turned into this

was listening to this song and drawing her
then i guess it turned into this

I watched Summer Wars last night!((click on for better quality))

I watched Summer Wars last night!
((click on for better quality))

Thanks soooo much to every one that stopped by at our booth at AX this year!! It was really fun meeting everyone, and definitely a good experience. Also it was kinda funny seeing everyone reading the prints aloud and reacting differently. I think one of my favorite moments was when some people were picking a print for their friend and asked which one will make her cry more omg.

Once I find the time I’ll open a shop online. I actually just got a job at an arts&crafts store so that’ll probably be taking up a lot of my summer! It’ll be fun though.
But yeah I’m really grateful to everyone that came bc it means a lot to me!

I’ll be at table B51 at Anime Expo 2014!
I’m sharing a booth with 1krom  (btw her artwork is amazing + she has really cool keychains and prints). Here are some of the prints from my side :D

the third child

the third child

hey guys! I think Im gonna start putting up more art on my instagram. It’s just chalkbullet so yeahh I have some stuff that I don’t put on here. (Just cause they’re doodles/sketches and I try to only put finished stuff on tumblr)

Also I’ll be working on some more prints for AX soon btw! Though I gotta focus on my earlier finals, SAT, and I’ll be moving next weekend. Lots of stuff to get done sjhdkjhkjh

guess how many followers I hit today you guys

i’m not going to even pretend that this didn’t make me laugh for like 5 minutes straight. Thanks and happy Easter!!

redraw of a manga panel for someone! I really love this manga w/ all my heart.

redraw of a manga panel for someone! I really love this manga w/ all my heart.